This page contains a glimpse of my research and associated publications.


  • A Survey on Robotic Prosthetics: Neuroprosthetics, Soft Acutators and Control Strategies
    Authors = Jyothish J. Kumar, Subhankar Mishra
    Journal: ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)
    DoI: 10.1145/3648355


    Abstract: The field of robotics is a quickly evolving feat of technology that accepts contributions from various genre of science. Neuroscience, Physiology, Chemistry, Material science, Computer science and the wide umbrella of mechatronics have all simultaneously contributed towards many innovations in the prosthetic applications of robotics. The paper begins by noting the scope of the term robotic prosthetics and prosthetics itself. In the first section, a plethora of examples have been summarized to convey the diversity that is there in prosthetic applications. The discussion is then constrained to focus on various actuation and control strategies for robotic prosthetic limbs. The next section details about various soft robotic actuators such as EAP, SMA, FFA etc. and the merits of such actuators over conventional hard robotic actuators. Various control strategies for robotic prosthetics that are in various states of research and development are also reviewed and analyzed for practicality, acceptance and popularity. We’ll conclude the discussion with our analysis regarding a prospective direction in which this field of robotic prosthetics is evolving towards in terms of the actuation, control and other features relevant to artificial limbs. This paper intends to review some of the emerging research and development trends in the field of robotic prosthetics and summarize many tangents that are represented under this broad domain in an approachable manner.

  • MIMA 2.0 – Compact and Portable Multifunctional IoT Integrated Menstrual Aid
    Authors = Jyothish J. Kumar, Amish Bibhu, shreya Shivangi, Subhankar Mishra, Sulagna Saha
    Journal= Elsevier IoT Journal
    DOI: 10.1016/j.iot.2024.101075
    Abstract: The shredding intra-uterine lining or the endometrium is known as Menstruation. It occurs every month and causes several issues like Menstrual Cramps and ache in abdominal region, stains, menstrual malodour, rashes in intimate areas and many more. In our research, almost none of the products available in the market do not cater to these problems single handedly. There are few remedies available to cater to the cramps, among which heat therapy is the most commonly used. Our methodology, involved surveys regarding problems and the solutions to these problems that they deem optimal. This inclusive approach helped us infer about the gaps in available menstrual aids which has become our guide towards developing MIMA (Multifunctional IoT Integrated Menstrual Aid). In this paper, we have featured an IOT incorporated multifunctional smart intimate wear that aims to provide for the multiple necessities of women during menstruation like leakproof, antibacterial, anti odour, rash free experience along with an integrated bluetooth controlled intimate heat-pad for releaving from abdominal cramps. The entire process of product development has been done in phases according to feedback from target users in each stage. This paper is an extension to our paper \cite{mima1} which serves as the proof of concept for our approach. Further development has led us towards MIMA 2.0 featuring a completely integrated design that includes a safe Bluetooth-controlled heating system for the intimate area. The product has received incredibly positive feedback from survey participants.
  • MIMA – Multifunctional IoT Integrated Menstrual Aid
    Authors = Jyothish J. Kumar, Amish Bibhu, shreya Shivangi, Subhankar Mishra, Sulagna Saha
    Conference = IEEE International Conference for Omni-ntelligent Systems (COINS) 2022, 4th ed., pages: 85-89.
    DOI: 10.1109/COINS54846.2022.9854943
    Abstract: Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the endometrium lining of a woman’s uterus. The average age when girls start menstruating is around the age of 12 years (menarche), and the cycle continues until they attain menopause (about the age of 51). Medical research and analysis in this field reveal that most women have to go through a painful cycle of abdominal cramps along with sanitary pad rashes while painkillers or endurance ability is their go-to solution. Heat pads or hot water bags also help in pain reduction. Currently, the concept of period pants revolves around pad-free and hassle-free periods for women whereas most women still prefer sanitary pads during their period cycle. MIMA aims at the development of IoT integrated smart functional intimate wear for women that would help women comfort during menstruation by catering to issues of menstrual cramps, rashes, leakage and stains, malodor, etc. The proposed methodology has been implemented referring to the online survey conducted from Indian women (17- 58 years old). The proposed intimate wear- MIMA can provide comfort during the menstruation cycle with IoT integrated Heat-Pad and functional alterations in the garment for a rash-free, anti-odor, and leak-proof period.

MSc Research

Currently I am working on my MSc. Thesis Project.  The title of my MSc thesis is Soft robotics based Prosthetics and other mobility assistance robots. Below, you can find the semester wise progress/plan for the project.

My thesis guides are Dr. Himansu S Biswal (School of Chemical Sciences, NISER) and Dr. Subhankar Mishra (School of Computer Sciences, NISER).

7th Semester

Literature Review

Literature review was conducted to analyse and evaluate the current state of technology. This carved the way for project planning for the next semesters. Please refer to the following resources to better understand my work during this semester:

8th Semester

Fabrication Plan and Initial work

A focused study into the various published EAP Recipe was conducted to design our own Ionic EAP Fabrication Recipe. This semester’s work was conducted in association with Dr. Bisnu P Biswal’s Lab (School of Chemical Sciences, NISER). Please refer to the following resources to better understand my work during this semester: 

9th Semester

Fabrication of Ionic EAP

We attempted to fabricate Ionic EAP using PANI (Polyaniline) as electrodes and PVDF-HPF, EMIMBF4 based Ionomer layer. We were successful in demonstrating a working sample of Ionic EAP using the said Ionomer layer with commercially available conductive paint (carbon based) as the electrode layer. Short clip of our demonstration is attached herewith. 

10th Semester

SMA Hand and Control Strategies for Robotic Prosthetics.

We collected EMG Data from relevant forearm muscles to train an LSTM Neural Network. Our model was successful in binary classification of clenching and releasing of fist with 99% accuracy. We continue collecting more data for other hand gestures to train the model for their classification. We aim at implementing the trained model in a feasible powered prosthetic hand.