My Projects

I have undertaken a number of Robotics and Automation projects in past. Here, you can find a detailed log of these projects.


S.No. Status Project in Brief Affiliation Task Reference
1. 🚀 On Going WiFi Localization (Temporary Name): SLAM based WiFi RSSI + Image data collection bot for industrial indoor locations. Dr. Subhankar Mishra's Lab, SCoS, NISER Robot design and development. Link
2. 🚩Commercialisation MIMA: Multifunctional IoT Integrated Menstrual Aid for Menstrual Cramps, Leakage, Rashes and Malodor experienced by women. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhubaneswar System design and development (IoT Module + App) Link
3. 🚀 On Going Scorpion: A small form factor Autonomous Multiutility Rover type bot designed to adapt to a wide array of use cases. The system is Powered by Nvidea Jetson Nano and Lidar Sensor. Dr. Subhankar Mishra Lab and RoboTech Club Project Head, Design and Fabrication Link
4. 🚀 On Going SMRUTI: Smart Reaction Monitoring and Automation Instrument School of Chemical Sciences (NISER) and Dr. Subhankar Mishra Lab Personal Project Link
5. ⭕ On Hold AMaR: or Autonomous Multi-utility Rover, is an affordable robotic system that can substitute human interference in potentially hazardous scenarios. Dr. Subhankar Mishra Lab and RoboTech Club Project Head Link
6. ✔ Completed NIRMAL: WiFi enabled smart handsfree sanitizer dispensor system. Sends email alert to operator when sanitizer level in container drops below a threshold. Powered by NodeMCU. Dr. Subhankar Mishra Lab and RoboTech Club Project Head, Coding and Electronics Link
7. ✔ Completed Remote Site Monitoring System( RSMS): is a Raspberry Pi powered robotic camera arm. The system can be adapted with a wide range of sensors for remote observation such as thermal Imaging. Dr. Subhankar Mishra Lab and RoboTech Club Personal Project Link
8. ✔ Completed Robotic Sketcher: 2 Axis CNC Plotter RoboTech Club Design and Fabrication Link
9. ✔ Completed Smart Mirror: Adaptaton of Mich- Mich’s MagicMirror Project built from scratch. RoboTech Club Personal Project Link

Apart from the above tech projects, I have also worked at the following positions: